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2011 : 120W Donated Instruments to Masidlale Music Project

2011 has brought us to a new continent and a new country : South Africa. For us at 120w, music is a major part of education. That is why we are proud to have donated 3 violins to the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra's children in the Masidlale project.
As their team told us : "It has most certainly changed their lives!"

These children have been performing regularly at concerts and functions throughout the Western Cape. They have also been involved in music at their schools and within their communities. The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra will be looking to "fast-track" the learners that show exceptional talent and commitment.


2010 : Music Conservatory of Jerusalem

See the gift agreement - See the annual report


2009 : Music Conservatory of Jerusalem

For our 2009 fundraising campaign, the 120W board focussed on a program for the Music Conservatory of Jerusalem for Ethiopian Children. The 120W contribution would be allocated to sponsor a scholarship for 10 children. View the 10 sponsored children


2009 : Ofakim, financing the gan's playground

The public israeli association of community centers Matnasim, was looking for private donors to finance the Ofakim gan's playground.

Ofakim is a poor city located in the West Center of Israel. The kids in this gan come from families with limited incomes. We met, in May 2008, the outstanding educational team managing this gan with 61 kids from 3 months to 3 years old. They bring a new and global approach to education, which respects the children, and make him and his family participate to education. Thus, this place is also a way to integrate families to the community, creating a connexion.

We fell in love with the place and the children, from where we brought you some pictures.

In July 2009, thanks to your donations, the Gan financed the installation of a new playground with up to date safety norms.

The children

The team

The school

The playground before

The new playground


• 2008 : the fitting out of the Arad high school computer room

In 2007 and 2008, thanks to a partnership with the INSEAD (the famous MBA program based in Fontainebleau), 9 second-hand portable PCs were given by the French school to equip the Arad high school computer room.

We wish to thank very deeply the INSEAD for this gift, and the team of voluntaries and friends who managed the transport of the computers.

Hereunder the state of the room before :

And after :

The inauguration :


2007 : The fitting out of the study room of Arad’s high school

On May 31st 2007, we inaugurated this room in the presence of Moty Brill, mayor of Arad, and his team, the high school’s management and the incredible team of students who had been in charge of the fittng out. As you will discover on the photos we brought back, their warm and moving welcome demonstrates how useful this project has been :

  • To create a living place for the students of the only high school in Arad
  • To avoid having the students wonder in the streets between courses
  • A place for rest, exchange and study which this school needed
  • A project which also allowed to gather the energies of the students and give them responsibilities and autonomy
  • And last but not least, the room is decorated with artistic creations made by the students themselves and is also an exhibition room.

And the result is the proof of our success !

Before :  

During :

After :

The opening :


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