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Association 120W


How the idea of the association was born ?

The desire to unite two passions: the beauty of the desert and the love of cycling, gave birth to the idea of our association.

The beauty of the Dead Sea, the Negev Desert, and mythical places such as Massada, together with the idea to cycle from the lowest point of the planet (1200 feet below sea level) and to climb 3000 feet tackling extraordinary winding paths… But how can we associate a project with such a dignified and majestic site ?

The idea was born in 2005 : to help poor and needy children by sponsoring each and every mile that is successfully travelled by our bikers on our rugged uphill journey. Since 2006, we collect all kinds of donations.

Why such motivation ?

"Children and education : the future of our world".
We wish to make a contribution, even if just a small one, towards building a better future for our world. In order to accomplish this, our actions are focused entirely on the realization of and participation in educational projects for needy children.

Our strong point: a solid financial ethic

Every effort will be made to assure that 100% of the donations received are invested in these projects, and that 100% of the funds are used for the betterment of the projects.

The association must be capable of clearly showing and displaying explaining how each and every penny donated is used as planned in the budget.


Where does our name "120W" come from ?

"120W" is a nickname of a meeting place, a place to exchange ideas. “120W” is a name of the future, a work-place and a place to live life to the fullest, rich in culture, and surrounded by beauty, in the heart of the loveliest city in the world.

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